Ahram Halal: The best just keeps getting better

Forest Avenue is fast becoming Portland’s premier international food strip with several groceries, restaurants, and a bakery. Ahram Halal Market (630 Forest Avenue, Woodford’s area) is my go to place for pomegranate molasses, whole frozen chickens, rose water, salty yogurt drink, middle eastern sweets and candies, cardemom pods, date syrup, flat breads, cookies, preserved lemons, and a rock-like dried milk product that can sorta be used like parmesean but apparently is meant to be rehydrated and eaten with dates.

Ahram (located next to the stained glass place) expanded several months ago, but the last time I was there I saw a commercial oven hood and other equipment. The plan is to have seating, a tadoor oven to make flat breads, and a standard menu of falafel, shwarma, and kebabs. The seating area should provide a nice view of traffic backed up along Forest Ave and if they do the food like they do the store, expect to find some of the “cheapest and best” food in town.

Zack Barowitz

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